Presently we only ship our ciders to Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.

Who Are The Appalachian Wyiles?

 Interesting you should ask...

     The Appalachian Wyiles are descendants from Irish leprechauns who stowed away on English freighter ships bound for America to escape tyranny and persecution in Northern Ireland in the 1600s.  They settled in the Appalachian Mountains from Maine to Georgia.  They brought with them Irish music, (bluegrass), Irish whiskey, (moonshine), and the best doggone apple cider in the world, (Wyile Cider).

      Discovered and befriended by the Postlewaite family on their farm in 2008, the elusive Wyiles agreed to share their secret family recipes with the Postlewaites on three conditions.

      1. They would only use fresh apples grown in the Appalachian mountains.

      2. They would never use any artificial flavors or artificial coloring in their ciders.

      3. They would never tell anyone where the Wyiles live.

Because the Postlewaites agreed to these three conditions you are now able to partake in the world's best apple cider. The Postlewaites, to this day, continue to make Wyile Ciders on their farm on Foxfire Mountain in Sevierville, Tennessee.

Wyiles are endangered and every time you sip some Wyile Cider you are doing your part to Save The Wyiles ... so Drink More Cider!