Meet the Wyiles

We knew very little about the mysterious Wyile characters that chose to make their home on Foxfire Mountain, but we did know that they held the secrets to creating the most delicious, time-perfected apple cider recipes that we had ever tasted. Years later, our talented Wyile friends and what is now the Wyile Cider family are excited to share our all-natural craft ciders with all of our Smoky Mountain visitors!

Discover the mysteries of the makers behind Wyile Cider in our eBooks below. . .

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The Appalachian Wyiles of Foxfire Mountain


Almost everyone knows of Ireland’s leprechauns, Norway’s trolls, Germany’s giants and France’s gnomes, but until recently few people knew of the little people of the Appalachian Mountains – the Appalachian Wyiles. Discover the mystery behind these characters and follow the elusive Wyiles as they pull pranks, take on new adventures, and enjoy a little apple cider.

How To Be Charitable

HTBC Front Cover

In this tale, O’Klee and Scrumpy are both faced with a choice to make when they are approached by neighbors in need. With little to give and much to consider along the way, these Wyiles search for the best way to help others. This may require some trial and error.

The Glorious Tortoise

The Glorious Tortoise front cover

To simply have a dream is one thing, to chase after it is another. As Scrumpy wonders a path in the forest, he stumbles upon a turtle with a shell that shimmered in the sunlight. This turtle, Glorious, had the most beautiful shell in the world. Her shell did not always reflect such beauty, though, as she takes Scrumpy through the story of her difficult journey toward creating a shell just as magnificent as a peacock’s feathers. Follow Glorious and Scrumpy as they learn the value of trying without fear of failure.